Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Evans

The Evans Family
Yay for new sims

I built the town a cultural center. I dont really know what one of them is so I just filled it with fun stuff. This unlocks Dance and Entertainment

Freya Evans 
Knowledge / Popularity
Become City Planner

Kyra Evans
Family / Knowledge
Graduate three kids from college

Douglas Evans
Knowledge / Romance
Become Mad Scientist

They also have a cat called Rufus

This is the house. I really like it as long as they don't have a million kids

Freya and Emily hit it off. I don't quite know weather April approves or not. She just hovered the whole time. Kyra doesn't like Emily for some reason and Douglas is just sort of oblivious and thinks Emily is just a friend

Kyra gives birth to baby Zane a boy. He has black hair for some reason
Playable sims: 63
Household: 15
Community lots: 8
Sim Owned: 4
 Town owned: 2
Free: 2
Career: 0
Burglaries: 1
Fires: 6
SM: 3
Population: 189
CAS: 2/8

Year 2 Week 2: Hart

The Hart Family

In amongst being glued to the robot bench Viola gave birth to Sophia

Thanks to chance cards from Moss and Viola's crafting Moss was able to donate an extra 60,000 to the town.

Sophia's birthday come around

Shes cute

Viola finally gets her gold robot badge. So she gets a job in science and she is building a couple of servos that will move out 

Moss teaches Sophia some of her skills

Year 2 Week 2: Raemon

The Raemon Family

The first thing is to get another one of Kyle's kids married off. So Corey proposes

I decided to throw them a proper wedding

I even gave them proper formal wear. This reminds me I need a place where they can get married

Serrie starts on the garden

And Corey works on his fishing badge so he can get a job in Oceanography

Effie has twins. William

And Yvonne


And Yvonne. Both are adorable but she really needs a makeover

Monday, 9 July 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Taylor

The Taylor Family
I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but all they did was skill

Ifran is going for his LTW to max all skills and Blossom is skilling for work. They're saving up money for a house so the kids are on hold for the minute

He maxed cooking. 1 down 6 to go

Year 2 Week 2: Starkweather

The Starkweather House

Harvey exploded into adult hood and can go find a new home

With David Charmers

Kay is expecting again

Puppies 6 and 7 are born and named Leah and Jake

Bump 2

Jason spends some time at Rocking Robots and gets it up to rank three

Back at home Willow is born



Lavender takes Leah home

Jace takes Jake home

Willow grows up and is adroable

Puppy 8 named Lilo

Puppy 9 named Stitch. Yay for a cream puppy. I would keep him if I had the intention of letting his parents grow old and move on anytime soon.

Alex grew up and rolled Family / Fortune with a LTW to become a city planner

Stitch. He goes home with Kyle

and Lilo goes to the Yang family