Monday, 9 July 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Starkweather

The Starkweather House

Harvey exploded into adult hood and can go find a new home

With David Charmers

Kay is expecting again

Puppies 6 and 7 are born and named Leah and Jake

Bump 2

Jason spends some time at Rocking Robots and gets it up to rank three

Back at home Willow is born



Lavender takes Leah home

Jace takes Jake home

Willow grows up and is adroable

Puppy 8 named Lilo

Puppy 9 named Stitch. Yay for a cream puppy. I would keep him if I had the intention of letting his parents grow old and move on anytime soon.

Alex grew up and rolled Family / Fortune with a LTW to become a city planner

Stitch. He goes home with Kyle

and Lilo goes to the Yang family

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