Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Evans

The Evans Family
Yay for new sims

I built the town a cultural center. I dont really know what one of them is so I just filled it with fun stuff. This unlocks Dance and Entertainment

Freya Evans 
Knowledge / Popularity
Become City Planner

Kyra Evans
Family / Knowledge
Graduate three kids from college

Douglas Evans
Knowledge / Romance
Become Mad Scientist

They also have a cat called Rufus

This is the house. I really like it as long as they don't have a million kids

Freya and Emily hit it off. I don't quite know weather April approves or not. She just hovered the whole time. Kyra doesn't like Emily for some reason and Douglas is just sort of oblivious and thinks Emily is just a friend

Kyra gives birth to baby Zane a boy. He has black hair for some reason
Playable sims: 63
Household: 15
Community lots: 8
Sim Owned: 4
 Town owned: 2
Free: 2
Career: 0
Burglaries: 1
Fires: 6
SM: 3
Population: 189
CAS: 2/8

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