Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Year 1 Week 3: Reeves

Need to take a new one of these. I know its been a while but life got in the way, which I'm annoyed at. Anyway here we are in week 3 and the final one of year 1.
Simon started out by trying to raise some funds

and getting promoted to Campaign Manager. Which means we have to be best friends with someone that has a home business. Nobody does so I picked Luna to open one when it gets to her turn


Simon got flabby and so ends his week. Hopefully when townies are unlocked he'll be able to get a nice girlfriend


Playable sims: 21
Household: 1/7
Community lots: 2
Sim Owned: 1
 Town owned: 0
Free: 1
Career: 0
Burglaries: 0
Fires: 2
SM: 1
Population: 21

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