Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Year 1 Week 3: Ryman

Ryman family. Fasten your seat belts its gunna be a bumpy ride

Jesse gets his wish and de-vamps

April built her school (after hours of digging) and then got stuck there. I had to move the whole Ryman family in with Simon and then back into their house bulldoze the school and start again. I gave April her money back and then built a new school so it'll probably look different when you see it.

David Charmers dropped by and April asked if he'd like to be a teacher, he agreed

Bump 1

Fire *sigh*

They were too busy doing this to notice

But when they all started doing the fire dance, Jesse burned to a crisp and April saved his life. He then put the fire out. Chaos

April decided to de - wolf for the baby's sake

Emily Ryman

Andie is showing now as well

Emily grew up and April started teaching her the skills

This is when they finally moved back in. Jesse and Andie had run straight to the bedroom and April finally noticed that the family is dysfunctional.

So April and Emily moved out and Jesse is allowed to see Emily on weekends

Andie then gave birth to Jared. I have no idea why he has an alien skin tone. The genetics must have messed up during the move

He's cute anyway

Playable sims: 25
Household: 2/8
Community lots: 2
Sim Owned: 1
 Town owned: 0
Free: 1
Career: 0
Burglaries: 0
Fires: 2
SM: 2
Population: 50
CAS: 0/2

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