Monday, 11 June 2012

Year 2 Week 1: Brooke

Didn't realize I hadn't posted this
The Brooke Family

So I lost all my notes for picture order so if it doesn't make sense I'm sorry
I thought we could start with some Moss/Viola spam. She is really pretty

Viola will be going into the science career, so starts one her robotics badge

Viola Hart 
Family/ Knowledge
Become Head of SCIA 
Which is why she is going into science as I doubt I'll be able unlock her a space in her lifetime

She also starts on her logic

Penny passed on. I really need a cat breeder in town and a pet store
I'm going with a pet shop that doesn't sell dogs and cats so will have a few breeders in town.

Charity decided more children would be great

She had a boy named Elliot

Triple birthdays


Josie. Who is so pretty
Romance/ Fortune
Woohoo 20 Different Sims

Nate. Very handsome
Pleasure/ Knowledge
Have 50 1st Dates
Kill me now

Then Charity goes and tops it off by having more children. I swear the Brooke and the Lee family just procreate like rabbits. Stupid ACR.

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