Thursday, 21 June 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Reeves

A new week.
The Reeves Family

I've been doing a purge on CC so Simon got a makeover. So if sims start to look different thats why. I took out the mass amounts of alien skins I have so Luna and David etc are now normal

Simon went into labor and gave birth to triplets. Desmond and Flynn



Desmond with the pooch


Simon has been skilling and working away and has been promoted to state assembly person which unlocks politics

The kids. Left to right: Flynn (who has elf ears), Aidan and Desmond

Simon gets another promotion to Judge. This means he has to be best friends with the person highest in law which is Seth Harris. Thankfully their already BFFs. So that is Law unlocked.

A very productive season for Simon

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