Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Lee

Yay for a better banner
The Lee Family

Lavender is pregnant again. *Sigh* Another family that insists on having a million kids

Don and Lavender are very cute together. Always autonomous romancing

2nd Bump

Drake rolled Popularity/ Knowledge with a LTW of Become a Space Pirate

The house got a remodel

Lavender gave birth to Elsie. Who I hope is the last

Thankfully so far they've stuck to casual woohoo

Arya and Sansa have been helping in the garden

Elsie become a toddler 

Oak was introduced to his niece Elsie. He often comes home with Don from work

Arya rolled Pleasure / Grilled Cheese with a LTW to Become a Celebrity Chef

Sansa rolled Romance / Knowledge with a LTW to Become a Cult Leader

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