Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Year 2 Week 2: Wayland

The Wayland Family

Jace rolled the want to join the medical career so I thought why not. He learns Physiology and take the job

Cassie gives birth to baby Harmony 

Belle gets a makeover

So does Anne

A Quadruple Birthday

Anne rolled Knowledge / Romance with a LTW to become a Ecological Guru

Toddler Harmony is adorable

Zack remains adorable

Belle rolled Knowledge / Grilled cheese with a LTW to become a Mad Scientist. Off to the robot bench with you.

Playable sims: 57
Community lots:7
Sim Owned: 4
 Town owned:1
Free: 2
Career: 0
Burglaries: 1
SM: 3
Population: 171
CAS: 1/7
CAS: 3/6

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