Monday, 19 December 2011

BACC: Willow Cove: Hathaway Intro Chapter

Welcome to my second attempt at a BACC (build a city challenge) the last one died due to hard drive failure. I've started with three families only one will be counted until I've earned the CAS sims to count the other ones. Here is the Hathaway family

This is Charlie Hathaway. She is Family/ Knowledge sim and wants to become a education minister which will probably never happen. She's a geek who wants a biggish family and most of all wants to find love so she moved to Willow Cove to find happiness.

Of course she couldn't leave Mittens who had been with her since she was a child

On top of her 20,500 for starting I rolled a dice to see how much extra she got. She rolled a 3 and got 3,000. (Thanks to the author of Krow for the idea, sorry I can't spell the user name). I couldn't finish or even start the garden but I think my building skills have improved slightly

Charlie's first day was rather boring. Digging, need fulfilling and skilling. I reset the townies before starting this hood and I've been getting a good number of new ones popping up but I have seen some old ones. I want Charlie to run a Grocery store, hopefully it will happen.
Next up in the intros is the Harris Family.

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