Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Willow Cove: Rotation 1: Hathaway

Yay first proper rotation, starting with the Hathaways

Digging again, but she now has enough to buy Willow Cove's first community lot

Charlie's Fridge Filler, which gives me another SM point and a CAS sims so I can now count the Harris family

When Sinjin (bottom) came for a visit he brought Greg with him 

Charlie and Greg hit it off and he moved in.
Greg Shin, Fortune/ Family. LTW: Become the Law, which wont happen

Even though there are no community lots in Willow Cove except for Charlie's, Greg has this mountain of stuff in his inventory. Kaching

Charlie rushes to the store and gives it a makeover

They then got engaged and married and there is a baby on the way thanks to ACR.
Thnaks for reading up next is the Harris Family

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