Saturday, 31 December 2011

Willow Cove: Rotation 2: Harris

The Harris Family and yay for bigger pictures

Mona sat skilling for most of the rotation as she wants to max all her skills

Her skilling time was cut short when she discovered she was pregnant. The babies will be adorable

After reading Krow's career unlocking rules Troy can actually get his dream job if he maxes his charisma. So he spends most of the rotation glued to the mirror

After stopping by Charlie's store to pick up the groceries he went to the Bakery. A number of things happened. 
1. It got to rank 3
2. We started to sell birthday and wedding cakes
3. Troy got his bronze cashiering and restocking badges, also a gold sales badge
4. We got the best of the best award and a good review
and 5. He made enough to pay his taxes of 5,100

And remodel the house, I liked it better as a bungalow but they didn't have enough to move

Mona promptly set it on fire. one more and we have a slot in law enforcement. This is the only picture of Mona's second bump. I swear I took a proper one but its vanished

This is Lucy. she has Mona's hair and Toy's eyes and her skin tone is somewhere in the middle. Yay for variation

Troy finally maxed his charisma and I used the super computer to get him a job in entertainment. It would have turned up eventually and he's waited long enough

Lucy's birthday rolled around. She is freaking adorable. I must remember to change her clothes and hairstyle

Because Lucy is so cute I had Mona and Troy run off to make more not that they needed convincing
Thanks for reading and up next is the Black family

Rotation: 2
Household: 2/3
Playable Sims: 8
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 14
CAS Sims Available: 0 used/ 2
Community Lots: 2
Residential Lots: 3
Business Districts: 0
Universities: None
Downtown: No
University Funds: 10,100

Number of Fires: 1
Number of Burglaries: 0
Number of Graves: 0

Entertainment - Troy Harris - Earned

Charlie's Fridge Filler - Charlie Hathaway - 1

Harris Bakery - Troy Harris -3

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