Friday, 23 December 2011

BACC: Willow Cove: Rotation 1: Harris

Welcome to the Harris update

Troy spent most of his time brushing up his cooking skill for the Bakery that he will open

Mona Santander knocked on the door and I thought why not give him a break

They ended up in bed thanks to ACR 

So I moved her in. Turns out she was romance but I changed it. She is now Knowledge/ Romance (Stupid Dice) with a LTW to max out 7 skills. Yay one I can actually do

They get engaged and married in underwear on the front porch

This is her inventory, where the hell are they getting it from? Not that I'm complaining

That plus what she moved in with we get the Bakery built and to Rank 1. I can now count the Black family

Troy gives us Willow Coves first fire
Next up the Black family and hopefully alien babies

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