Saturday, 10 March 2012

Year 1 Week 1: Brooke

The Brooke Family

Charity got her bronze fishing badge and the Charmers are always stopping by. I like how penny is sitting there, like shes waiting for some fish

She found out that Kyle turned plantsim and that Jesse really wants a cure so he set to work trying to find cures for all the creatures

Her OTH is arts and crafts. Its very popular in Fayhaven

She also gets her bronze gardening badge

Kyle dropped by to see if she was any further on with a cure. She has them almost finished, Kyle is very excited

Charity gets her first harvest in and a silver gardening badge

And back to fishing. She wants to be in the oceanography career so needs a gold badge. She maxed nature and got a silver fishing badg. I think the nature hobby leader might get a bit sick of Fayhaven.

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