Saturday, 10 March 2012

Year 1 Week 1: Charmers

The Charmers Family

David had a mental breakdown for some unknown reason

Kyle's OTH is games

And David's is Arts and Crafts

Kyle earned his bronze gardening badge

David is completely in aspiration failure most of the time so his brother asked him to do him a favour and find another alien. Don Lee turned up and David asked if Kyle could use him for an experiment. Don agreed but had a few conditions that David had to agree to first. All was settled and the experiment began.

Kyle records everything in his journal, he's a little disappointed that he couldn't be the test subject but theres always a next time

David is a little run down but Kyle says its all part of the experiment

Kyle gets his silver gardening badge

While David sets the kitchen on fire. He put it out fortunately

Finally David gives birth and Kyle can record his results on how alien genetics mash up. This is Effie

And this is Serrie. Both girls

This was totally unplanned but now Kyle has more research to keep him occupied

I love this age mod. Its from The same person who does the rules and the babies grow up pretty much immediately


Effie who is adorable and my favourite

That's it. I'll start giving stats in week two because nothing much is happening except my population rising

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