Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Year 1 Week 1: Harris

The Harris Family

Seting up the garden 

Seth got some cooking points

Acr makes an appearance. I didn't really see them as a couple but nevermind

Luna really didn't suit being a pleasure sim so I switched her to Knowledge she still has the sme LTW to become a celeb chef

Luna earned her bronze badge

Seth rolled the want
Cue the marriage spam

End of Spam

Troy Kimbrell the nature hobby guy. Bit odd that he is a zombie but loves nature. He doesn't acctually function as a zomie but I'm treating him that way. If he ever moves in I'll turn him into a proper one

Seth's OTH is tinkering. So he'll be unlocking the water and electricity

There he is in the background getting started. Luna is inot arts and crafts

Bronze badge

Babies! First one inFayhaven. Whe he/she reaches childhood April can get her dream job in education

Jill Steele the Tinkering hobby leader. More aliens

Luna gets her Silver badge

And a second pop. Unfortunalty the baby won't be born this week

Seth brings in the first harvest to end the week

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