Monday, 12 March 2012

Year 1 Week 2: Reeves

Reeves week 2. Technically year 1 will only have 3 weeks in it as my game did that stupid thing were it starts with on day left in the season

Caryl Reamon is the cuisine hobby leader. My game has a thing for zombies and aliens apparently

Simon got promoted to lobbyist so he immediately calls Seth over (meaning I summon him becuase he didn't even know him) to make besties

He hasn't maxed mechanical yet but tells Simon he is very close

Snow! First in Fayhaven. I love snow

Simon gets his gold gardening badge and I remember that gardening in winter is impossible

Mission accomplished. Now Seth has to ponder home and max mechanical, then we can have showers

Stats at the end of the rotation as I have a full one to post so stay tuned.

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