Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Year 1 Week 1: Ryman

The Ryman Family

I have no idea what happened

April Transforms

They're 3 bolters and ACR has gone insane with them. The thing is I peg April as the marrying kind and Jesse as a guy that had too many broken hearts and doesn't commit anymore. So I'm stumped and letting them decide. This also goes against pretty much every vampire film I've ever seen

Andie works away in the garden and her OTH is Nature. I find it funny that she is the Romance sim but has no one to romance

I give up -_-

April likes arts and crafts

Bronze badge for Andie

Jesse likes science, he now has a telescope in the front yard. I think its legal.

April spends her nights fower arranging now and has her bronze badge

Yoosung Couderc (Really EA?) is the Arts and Crafts guy

And Abbey Bertino is the games hobby leader

Andie took up giving makeovers, theres no townies to practice on so she isn't really progressing much

1st harvest

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