Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Year 1 Week 1: Reeves

Welcome to Fayhaven and the first family are the Reeves family

 The first thing Simon did was plant his garden, so he doesn't starve over winter

He then did a little studying while we waited for it to be night. One of the settlers is a vamp and I don't want him to fry

All went well. Except Andie is furious with Simon for some reason. Probably over the fact that there are very few guys that she can seduce. Simon gets along pretty well with Apirl. Towards the end everyone decided it would be a perfect time to go fishing instead of mingling

I think he got his bronze badge here. I missed the thing

I've been hunting for his OTH and discovered its games. How boring

April steals newspapers. Funny, you'd think she'd be in bed after pulling an all nighter as a werewolf

I wish the game would use custom alien skins but nevermind. This is Don Lee. The newspaper boy is also alien and clled Amin King

Simon got promoted to intern

April comes over most days and they have 3 bolts for each other. I'll wait and see if they roll wants before I do anything

I let a stray cat in for 5 minutes and it eats my couch. Stupid cat

And Simon pulls in his first harvest at the end of the week. I play it seasonally so he really only had 5 days. I'm going start taxes next week so we can start getting some town funds in.

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