Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Meet the Settlers

Welcome to Fayhaven
Lets meet the settlers


Simon Reeves
Knowledge/ Grilled Cheese
Max out 7 skills

Simon didn't like the recent laws being passed against supernaturals. It was ridiculous to try and make them live in compounds, most of them had left for better villages. So Simon thought about founding a new, more understanding town and he found Fayhaven. He gathered up some willing settlers and set off to found a new better way of life. He hopes


Luna Harris
Pleasure/ Popularity
Become Celebrity Chef

Luna jumped at the chance to escape prejudice. She was sick of getting stared at and asked stupid questions. Hopefully this would be the fresh start SimEarth was meant to be.

Seth Clearwater
Family/ Knowledge
Become Captain Hero

Seth couldn't let Luna go relocate all by herself so he said he'd go with her. Maybe he'd find the one in Fayhaven. Goodness knows he'd been looking long enough


Jesse Ryman
Popularity/ Romance
Become Hall of Famer

Jesse wanted new friends. Real friends. Ones that didn't just like him for his bat transformations. Everyone wanted immortality, but really, its not that great seeing everyone you know and love die. Jesse had seen it a few too many times and was tired. He wanted a cure

Andie Copper
Romance/ Fortune
Become Professional Party Guest

Andie is pretty much tagging along to meet new guys, her reputation was starting to precede her at home. Her sister keeps nagging her to do something worthwhile.

April Copper
Family/ Romance
Become Education Minister

April was a little sick of her sisters romancing ways, but she has her own furry issues to deal with. So moving here was the easiest decision. Jesse and April were friends before she was turned now shes not to sure what he thinks of her being a werewolf.


David Charmers
Fortune/ Family
Become a Space Pirate

David is here to make sure his little brother doesn't get carried away with his experiment and he wouldn't mind getting his hands on alot of simoleons, while having a little adventure as well.

Kyle Charmers
Family/ Pleasure
Marry off 6 kids

David and Kyle had left because of the same reasons as Luna, to escape. Kyle is a little disappointed Luna is a different alien species but he is sure he'll find a perfect canditate to carry on his alien genes

Charity Brooke
Knowledge/ Family
Become Hand of Posiedon

Charity is a geek. A hot geek. Who said geeks were boring anyway and being a witch definanlty has its perks. Charity and Penny just want a quiet life filled with knowledge and catnip. Fayhaven would be the start of that. Charity would make sure

Penny Brooke

And thats it. Thanks for reading. Ill update when I can

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