Monday, 12 March 2012

Year 1 Week 2: Harris

Harris, its a long update for me

Luna sends of her taxes everyone is classed as poverty so its 100 a sim at the minute
Seth spends all his time building mechanical


And Bailey

Seth maxed mechanical and unlocks water and electricity. yay normal lights and showers


Bailey. I loves them

Toddler training

And the parents decide to make more babies -_-

Charlie likes nature

Pop 1. There better only 1 in there

Seth finalises all the plans with Simon. Simon is thrilled.

This is all Seth does. He swaps between entertaining Charlie then Bailey

Pop 2

Twins Bday



The kids new room. Ignore the snow

Bailey likes music and dance

Yay just one named Aaron

Teaching the kids to do homework. Also with the twins growing up that means that a spot in education is opened for April


On to the Ryman's

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